Thursday, April 10, 2008

Running for physical, mental and social health

DSE run in the fog. Photo by Fred Haber

I love to run. I started running in 1983 and have been running ever since. It is a great form of exercise for me, but not good for everybody. It makes me feel happy and free. Running gives me many wonderful friends besides a active social life. Belonging to two running clubs and being on the board of directors for one of these, keeps me busy. The two running clubs are the Pamakid Runners, founders of the San Francisco Marathon and many other races and the Dolphin South End Running Club which has weekly runs. The DSE motto is "start out slow and taper off"

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Positive and Grateful Attitude, formula for a Happy Life

The photo is of my cat "Matilda" It was taken by me on her third Birthday last year. I love Matilda very much. She brings much joy into my life!

An issue I feel very strongly about is people having a positive attitude about life and themselves. I feel that a person must take care of themselves by:
* eating healthy
* exercising
* having social connections
* being playful
* being grateful for what you have rathen than focusing on what you don't have
* experiencing the moment rather than dwelling on the past or having fear about the future
* helping others
* practicing preventative medicine by doing all of these things now

Giving and helping, rather than taking is more important to me. I volunteered at the YMCA for 21 years teaching aerobic dance. I still volunteer for the running community and other organizations, being the volunteer coordinator, social chair, and more. Being of service to the community, helping whomever I can, and being a good example are ideals I live by. I think people would be happier and more content with life if they practiced these principles. It is important to give back what you have been gifted and blessed with.

My favorite trip and why

Poster from Google

After I graduated from San Francisco State University, I went on an amazing trip with my girlfriend. I had saved $1,000.00 from working at the SF Zoo. This money paid for a trip that lasted 6 months. My friend and I took off for Europe on a Charter flight. We traveled through all of Europe on about $2.00 a day. We stayed in youth hostels, student hotels and slept on the train. It was the most exciting, interesting, educational and fun trip I have ever been on. We traveled through every country including Morocco. I loved seeing how people from different cultures lived. It was so interesting meeting people, seeing the land, architecture, museums, artifacts, crafts, and eating the food. We had some very wild experiences, even had our money and passports stolen. It was a trip that I will never forget. It made me want to see more of the World. I then went on to live in Afghanistan for 3 years, designing clothing and importing antiques. I opened my Antique Store in 1976 which I still have. I have a broader understanding of people, different cultures, ethnic groups and the World because of that first trip to Europe.